Jon Evans

Hello, I'm Jon. I like drinking tea, going outside, and reading. Pronouns: he/him.


I currently lead the engineering team at TravelLocal, making it the best place for travellers to plan and book tailor-made holidays with the help of local experts. My focus is on scaling our team and application to provide an amazing experience, both for customers and for our partners in our many destinations. I support the engineers and product people on my team so that we can create a great product, as well as providing a technical voice in the strategic direction of TravelLocal as a business. By working to tie our efforts to business goals, I aim to make sure that we’re building the right things well.

Prior to my current role, I worked as a senior engineer at TrackMaven, where I was one of two engineers hired to build the alpha of the product. After creating and launching the initial application, I worked to help grow the engineering team and develop the product through several rounds of investment in the business. I helped to oversee architectural decisions, build a strong team of enthusiastic engineers and scale the product to hundreds of customers.

I have previously run a small software engineering consultancy with my good friend Cameron Maske.


I studied Engineering at the University of Cambridge, and recieved a Masters degree (MEng).

My software engineering skills are primarily self-taught and have been developed over the course of my career. I am currently focussed on learning about engineering management and how I can build and support a happy and effective team.


I care a lot about creating and living in a fair, equal, and kind society. I recently became a member of the Green Party in support of this, and out of concern about the breakdown of our climate and loss of biodiversity.